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  1. I ran into a big problem when trying to set up our SmarterMail accounts. Our website uses paramaterized mail processes via forms for our board officers to contact club members. Mail can only be sent to members from these processes, and to further minimize the likelihood that a board member's infected computer might compromise the club's email, none of the board members have direct access to the SmarterMail system. Therefore, all mail to a board account must be forwarded to them. This has worked for us on other hosts for over 20 years.

    The problem is that some of the board officer's personal addresses are being blocked, e.g. to AOL accounts. The instructions in the SmarterMail Help file do not appear to apply, as the options to address the domain blacklisting is unavailable in the Settings menu for our account. Obviously, we either need to correct this, or somehow get a comprehensive list of blocked domains so that we can aggravate our board members by requiring that they open an account on one that isn't blocked.

    Your solutions are welcomed.
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  3. OK... thanks.

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