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  1. Hi
    I am not technologically very sophisticated. I'm trying to get an add-on (sunblognuke) running with my dotnetnuke 7 web site on Winhost. Dotnetnuke 7 was running fine, but the add-on will only run with full trust. The support engineer for sunblognuke asked if I could try giving Network Service Full Control of the folders and files involved. ( My tool here is Filezilla.

    How can I tell what control / permissions these folders have now? Can I use the File Attributes function of Filezilla to change these? Is it foolish to do that?

    Advice appreciated as always.
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  2. No, those file attributes in FileZilla only apply to *nix servers.

    You already have full control of the files by default, and you can run the add-on with full trust.
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