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  1. Hi,

    1. I am in FileZilla. I right click on a web site file or directory and want to change the permissions so users cannot read/write or exacute a file.

    When I do it nothing seems to happen? The rwx bits seem to stay the same. Any idea what I might be doing wrong.

    2. Also, if a user on my website types in a DIRECTORY, they are presented with a list of files in that directory. Is there any way of stopping this?

    3. Google Webmaster seems to be saying it thinks and are different. When I type both these things into internet explorer they both correctly go to Why is Google confused?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Ray


    What exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to password a directory? You cannot change the permissions using a FTP client.

    Yes. You can disable directory browsing. Connect to the server using IIS 7 Manager.

    Once you are connected go to Directory Browsing and disable it.

    Unfortunately this is how Google works. You may need to setup a 302 redirect script so that points to You may want to look at the URL Rewrite module in IIS 7 Manager.
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  3. You can also tell Google to only index your site with or without www. It's a setting in webmaster tools.

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