Emails not being sent to outside domains - no errors

Discussion in 'Email' started by bgarts, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. For a month after I opened my hosting account, I was able to send emails from the domain I set up to my personal email on the outside. I also set up a WordPress site that was sending out emails to the outside with no problems. Then I opened up my site to subscribers and only 25 or so got the opt-in emails and then all email outside my hosted domain stopped around 8pm Friday night. I can only send to email within the internal addresses. And yes, the email address is set up to be SMTP authenticated. There is no error on the send, even when sending via a php script.

    I opened up a ticket on Saturday and was told they escalated it and that I should wait "some time" for a resolution. Has anyone else been affected? I'd like to know if this is only me or if this needs to be escalated more.
  2. It's not only you. I submitted a support ticket a few moments ago addressing this same problem.

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