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  1. I'm under the impression that without SSL, someone can potentially see my password on a public network. I'm using Outlook as my email client with POP3/SMTP. Is it possible to turn on SSL? I understand that using my domain name (e.g. does not allow SSL.

    But is it possible to access email using using a winhost address so I can turn on SSL?

    I have another email address with another hosting company and they offer exactly this.
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    Yes. To find the SMTP server name you need to use:

    1) Log into the Winhost Control Panel.
    2) Click on the Domains tab.
    3) Click on the Manage link next to the domain name (under the title heading DNS).
    4) Under the Manage Records section, use the domain name under the Mail Server heading.

    Make sure you change the following port assignments as well:

    SMTP (outbound): 465
    POP3 (inbound): 995
    IMAP (inbound): 993
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  3. Great. Yes, the server was found under the "Manage MX Records" section.
    Seem to working well. Thank you!
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