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    just need a confirm from you, I know maximum is 250 mailboxes, each mailbox has storage 250MB? or total for 250 mailboxes?


    just for basic Plan for now
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    Its a total sum of 250 MB. You can create POP accounts and assign them as much as 250 MB however the system will add them all up and if the total sum is more then 250, you have filled up your email storage space. For something like this it is best to use Outlook to connect to our email server and download all the emails from the POP account to keep your email storage free.
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    oh, too much small it is, even free email is up 2GB more.

    if for total 250 mailboxes, it should be at least 2GB.

    It seems I have to withdraw one site for my client, pretty bad!

    if you can not provide big storage for emails, would you like to recommend some service I use email service on other place separately?

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    You know, I can't help but 'hear' yoda in these messages. Size too small hmm? Larger needs for boxing mail have I...
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    my clients are complaining the size.
  6. If you want to use Gmail for your domain we have step by step instructions for setting that up.
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    Thanks a lot
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    Followed your advice, my client is satisfied with Google mail service now
  9. Good deal.
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    great effort indeed.... really useful tutorial :)

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