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  1. Hello I am trying to take my site and duplicate it to a new domain (also on Winhost).

    My dad's fence business is opening up a franchise location in Texas so it will be the exact same site with only a few changes.

    The original designer is nowhere to be found.

    I downloaded the site's directory using FileZilla and I tried to upload the directory onto the new site but nothing shows up.

    The index.php file was blank on the original site.

    I am trying to do this from a Mac computer and I know that Winhost is a windows based server.

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    That's the problem.

    If the original index.php file was blank from the originating site. Then it's going to be blank on the new site.

    That's the reason why you're seeing a blank page when you visit your second site. The index.php file is the default document for most PHP web applications. In other words, when some one types in your domain name into the web browser our web server will pull up the default document. If that default document in completely blank then that is what you will get.

    Also, on the Original web site.... is it working correctly at this exact moment by any chance? If it is working correctly then the original site might be using a different default document than what your second site is using.

    You might want to try and find out what the correct default document is and see if it's in the root directory of your second site account. If it is in the root directory. Then go ahead and rename the index.php file to something completely different to see if our web server will pick up the correct default document.
  3. The original site works fine, how would I find the default document, I've tried the actual document named "default" and if I copied everything over wouldn't it be able to work in the same way?
  4. I have been changing the "inherits-" value from the old domain to the new one in dreamweaver, is this the correct way to change the web directory to route?

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