DotNetNuke - what am I missing?

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  1. I am attempting to migrate a working dnn site from another host and have performed the following:
    1. Installed the database by restoring a .bak file from other host
    2. Modified the PortalAlias record to reflect the domain name I am using at Winhost.
    3. Created a subfolder and uploaded all of the dnn files.
    4. Created a starting point using the Winhost control panel that points to the subfolder.
    5. Modifed the web.config file for the db connection string (2 places)

    So when I browse to I end up getting directed to the root default document placed there by Winhost. Removing that default file does not reslove the issue.

    What am I missing here?
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  2. Ray


    All http calls will always start at the root. The application starting point tool you are thinking of does not do any redirecting to a subfolder. It makes that folder an application folder so that it can use its own web.config file, bin folder, and other things a ASP.Net application uses. If not it will search to the next higher folder level to find them which is the root. If you want to simply type and have your site pull, you will need to upload your web pages on the root and not on some subfolder.
  3. This is likely to occur because your DNN has the portal alias set to be the root ( You should edit this in your SQL Server Database (the one DNN is using) and this should take care of the problem.
  4. Problem Resolved

    Thanks for the prompt reponses. I had intended to mention in the original post that it didn't matter if I included the subdirectory: as it always redirected me back to the root. The solution was to include the subdirectory in the PortalAlias table: as Vinnie has suggested. I had tried that initially, but failed to recycle pool so didn't think it had worked. Maybe this might help someone else doing a migration from another host.
  5. Thanks for the follow up, it will help someone.

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