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  1. Hi Guys - firstly I like Winhost: it does what is says on the tin - which is quite refreshing .... :)

    I've used DNN since v2 but have forgotten that it can be a pain to install ...

    I've abandoned v5.2.1 for now as it just wouldn't get past loading the db scripts - looking through their forums I think there could be issues in the install scripts - well at least for me. So, I went back to a version I'm used to - v4.9.5 and it installed just fine, using their standard install instructions. One thing I did have to do to was use IIS Manager to set the trust level to Full before I could navigate to the site.

    Note: I was trying to install the latest version of v5 - I will have a go at installing the previous release - v5.1.4 to see if that works as v4.x is not being actively developed anymore.

    Hope this helps :)
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  2. Ray


    Thanks for the post. I'm sure this will help others navigate through DNN.

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