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  1. Thanks to some helpful advice from Kevin, on your home page chat, we are planning a transfer from Netfirms. It's another host provider that has been bought by Endurance and has (apparently) suffered considerably.

    We've had considerable downtime since installing our security certificate two months ago, and recently found out that we were moved to a new server. That move has created intermittent problems which the support team has been unable to solve.

    We have purchased Ultimate 1-Year Hosting, and received our Control Panel log-in.

    We were told to log in and click on our domain name to access our FTP information.

    However, this is not available. The domain name is not clickable and our status says, "Pending."

    Is this normal, and what is the usual wait?

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    curtis Winhost Staff

    Yup, we've heard of issues at netfirms and other Endurance-acquired hosts. We can help you move your site if you want at no cost.

    Best thing to do about this current issue is to contact our tech support team so they can look into the matter. Best way to contact support is through the helpdesk at Use your control panel login info to log into the helpdesk and open up a ticket. If you can use the helpdesk for any reason, then email support directly at [email protected].

    We prefer the helpdesk because you are already authenticated and our staff knows which account you are referring to. And helpdesk tickets are stored in the history - so you can look through past tickets, reopen tickets..etc. Also, you can reply through the helpdesk if your email is down for any reason.
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  3. Sounds good, will do, thanks.

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