Do you support Laravel?

Discussion in 'Site Programming, Development and Design' started by Craigsn, May 19, 2015.

  1. We are looking to use the Laravel framework for our website. Do you support this? If not, do I have any options?

  2. From a quick look at that I can't tell whether Composer (which Laravel uses) runs as an executable on the server. If it does, then we wouldn't support it, because we can't install anything on the serer for an individual customer.

    If nothing has to be installed server-side then you could try it.
  3. Hi Michael,
    I understand you can't install exe's. I did read that it is possible to set things up locally on my computer, getting it working then FTP the whole thing to the hosting site. So maybe that is something we can try to see if it works.

    But I have another question for you about this. The server requirements for Laravel are as follows:
    • PHP >= 5.4 (this is already covered), but what about the other 4 items?
    • Mcrypt PHP Extension
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • Tokenizer PHP Extension
    Thanks for you help in this.
  4. CalvinW

    CalvinW Winhost Staff

    Those four extensions are available on the Winhost servers.

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