Do I get SSL for or

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  1. When I look at my domain in my Control Panel, everything shows just with no www.

    So I assume that means when I purchase the SSL certificate, I buy it for the

    Do I then force a redirect from to using web.config as I've seen here?

  2. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Yes, you can do that.
  3. I Went and filled out a ticket asking the same thing and was helped by Richard on the Winhost staff. He got me all set up within about 30 minutes.

    Apparently, I needed to get a certificate for the and www.domain is automatically covered.
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  4. Most all SSL certificate issuers will cover both the WWW and non-WWW variations of your domain by default. You should not need a separate SSL for www and non-www.
    In DNS management you simply select the primary way in which you would like your domain displayed (www or non-www) and redirect the other.

    I would recommend checking out Let's Encrypt -- they are a nonprofit, the largest issuer of SSL certs, and best of all -- FREE! :)
  5. Thanks great Prof, I've also known about them for awhile - But when was the last time you installed Lets Encrypt on your domains at winhost?

    Just asking to make sure it's still achievable to do it now in Jan/2021, because I've also read the procedure gets quite complicated, given users don't have console access to the shared servers and winhost has not provided an automated path.

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