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  1. Hi, i'm migrating my host (www.basketuispmilano.it) and i have a domain name registration with an external provider (www.tophost.it). Now I have to switch my dns and point it to my space but my actual dns provider let me edit / delete only CNAME, A and MX record type.

    I can Add NS record and i have done but I'm not sure that's everything ok.
    I have attached a screenshots of my actual settings.

    Help me :)

    Tnx in advance

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  2. Ray


    You do not need to change any DNS records if you are going to change the Name servers. You are going to the wrong place, you need to talk with your registrar and have them change the name servers. This is your registrar for basketuispmilano.it

    Organization: Seeweb S.r.l.
  3. My domains is hosted at Winhost but is registered on TopHost. Now i need to poit my domani to the Winhost host :)

    So ... my attached configuration is right ?
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  4. Ray


    Yes. Based on the screenshot your domain name appears to be pointing to our DNS servers. You may need to give it 12 hours for the changes to fully affect the entire Internet.
  5. I forward my question to my dns provider and it answer that i can't modify my ns server.

    They tell me:

    You can not add new servers NS (or modify existing ones) and even change the SOA area.

    But you can add an A, or CNAME record, for an alias. The data (IP or FQDN) must be requested from the server to which the supplier wants to point the domain.

    How can i do that ?

  6. It's hard to tell, but it looks like you have five name servers listed, and that is not correct. According to the whois database, the host is not adding the Winhost name servers anyway:
    Domain: basketuispmilano.it

    Organization: Seeweb S.r.l.

    But the point is, it doesn't even matter if they do add the Winhost name servers. If you can't remove ns1.th.seeweb.it and ns2.th.seeweb.it, you are going to have problems.
    That is messed up, and if it was my domain I would transfer it to a new registrar. But I don't know what kind of deal you have with the host...

    Go to the Site Info section of Control Panel and find the Site IP Address. That is what you want to point your A record to.

    Your mail is still going to go to the old host too if you don't change the MX records...all of this would be a lot easier if you could change the NS records. You might want to look into a registrar transfer if it's possible.
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  7. Ray


    Let me get this straight, your provider and I'm assuming they are also your registrar is not allowing you to change the name servers so you have to use there DNS servers? And that they want you to update the A record on their DNS servers so that your domain name will point to our web server? Is this correct? This doesn't sound right. This sounds very restrictive on their end. If this is the case then you simply need to setup a record on your DNS server to match what we have on our DNS server. You can see how we setup the zone record for your domain name on our DNS server through the control panel under the DNS Manager.

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