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Discussion in 'Databases' started by fontano, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. What is the default settings for the Transaction Log file?

    Size, Commit Structure, ect?

    Does the TLog file sound count towards our 100mb?

    I am only planning to use a DNN site, and not a tremendous amout of database space, but just wanted to check before opening my account.
  2. Ray


    No the transaction log does not consume the SQL size alloted to your account. That is a separate file. The log file does have a restriction of a maximum size of 1 GB, typically our system will cycle through the transaction log once it start reaching that threshold.

    Whether the transaction log commits the changes or rolls back is really up to how you code your application. This is not set on the server itself. However, we do nightly backups of our customer databases, and if we have to restore the database, the transaction log will revert to the latest full backup. The backup is setup for simple mode.

    Now, bear in mind that you should not look at this as your routine backup. The backups we do are strictly for our use in case we experience a server failure on our end. I always suggest that you perform your own backup of your database by running the Database Publishing Wizard against it, so you will have a record script/schema of your database and all its objects and data within it.
  3. Thanks for the details.

    And most certainly, I would establish a pattern to have my own backups.
    I have been bitten a few times before...

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