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  1. Hi. I used the database publishing wizard to script a database I had on a SQL 2000 server. I then opened up SQL Management Studio 2008 and opened up that script as a New Query. I connect to my database on Winhost and then try to run the script but I get an error that says:
    Failed to start debugger.
    Additional Information:
    The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'sp_enable_sql_debug', database mssqlsystemresource', schema 'sys'. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 229)

    If I look at my Tables on my database there is a System Tables folder but no tables exist underneath. I thought these came when I created the database?

    How can I copy my existing database onto my Winhost account?
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    Did you try using Visual web developer 2008 to script your database? I suggest downloading that from Microsoft. It is a free product you can install.
  3. I have Visual Studio 2008 so used it to script the database. I think the procedure is the same. Basically I open the server explorer then connect to my database and then run the Publish to Provider which creates the script. That works fine. It is only when I then use SQL Management Studio 2008 and connect to my Winhost database then execute that query that I get the error.

    Surely this shold not be so difficult.
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    The error suggests that you have debugging enabled on your local database. Try disabling the debugging mode on your local database and then run the script (Database Publishing Wizard) against your local database with VS 2008.
  5. Actually the error was operator misfire. I was pushing the green diamond shaped ICON on the right of the word Execute instead of the Exclamation point icon which is at the left of the Execute text. I do Visual Studio at my work and the green diamond ICON is what I click more than any other button! My bad!

    Thanks for the help. I just knew I had to be doing something stupid - hopefully no one else will have this problem...

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