Creating subdomain of pointed domain?

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm curious how to do this. Let's say I have the following set up already via Winhost CP:

    Root (site) domain:

    Domain Pointer:

    I want to create a subdomain:

    How would I go about doing this? Would I simply create an A-Name entry in the DNS manager?

    I am very comfortable with URL Rewrite so if that is involved let me know - thanks!
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  2. Ray


    Will also use the domain pointer tool to add This is because you will need to create the header name so that points to the correct root.
  3. Ok did that - is the A-record required as well?
  4. Ray


    What name server is is pointing to? If it is to Winhost, there's no need since the A records for all domain pointers are created on our DNS servers. Obviously if is it using another DNS server, then you will need to create the A record for to point to the correct IP address.
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  5. Just closing the loop - simply adding the domain pointer was enough. I use a URL Rewrite rule in the site root to rewrite all requests to "" to a subfolder of the root, e.g. /pointeddomain/subdomain (and a similar rule to point requests to to /pointeddomain)

    Working great.

    Thanks Ray!

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