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  1. I have deployed (using Web Deploy) one site that is the main site for the account. It is a web site project, not web application project. I have created domain pointers for additional domains. At the moment some of the additional domains show the main site, which I do not want eventually. I see that the WinHost local path to the site is E:\web\simplesa. I also see that the user name in the Web Deploy profile is simplesa.

    I have additional sites that I can deploy using Web Deploy. They are also web site projects. I am hoping I can deploy them separately as separate web sites. I am not sure how to proceed. The best I can think of is that I want to create another folder under E:\web then (as in Subdirectory and subdomain pointers with URL rewrite?) specify that as the location of one of my other domains but then I am not sure how to download the Web Deploy profile. Or do I use the same one as for the site but modify it?
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    Ultimately it would depend on the applications being deployed, with a site deployed in the root and one in a subdirectory you might run into issues with inheritance.

    If you deployed both to subdirectories and a web.config in the root with the rewrite rules, if the apps are Core or MVC then you might have problems with internal routing.

    Unfortunately you will not know if it will be an issue until you try deploying both. When deploying you would use the same profile just change the destination path.
    For example site1 you would deploy to and site2 to
  3. Thank you. At the moment none of my sites do much ASP.Net actually; they are more like static HTML. So they should work for now. I intend to do more ASP.Net soon and I will solve the problems when I encounter them.

    So for now I will create subdirectories under E:\web and an initial page there then configure them then try to deploy to some of them.

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