Control Panel Outage Coincidence

Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Guest, Dec 12, 2009.

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    not strange. we colo our servers at the same datacenter as them.
  3. And you guys from other hosts can continue to watch us obsessively and try to fan fires of doubt, but you'll fail every time because we have already answered all the big, scary, secret questions that you think you are bringing to light.

    If you have questions come out and ask them. And say who you are (we'll be waiting here for hell to freeze over).
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    Nice to know

    Nice to know it. With luck of information of who you are and where your servers are located it’s difficult to evaluate how liable our service could be. You have the same forum template, the same knowledge base template and other parts of your website are very similar, so it’s pretty clear that you should be somehow related. You should not hide it. People should know that their websites will have California’s IP addresses and not IP address from China. It’s better for SEO to have North American IP if a website is dedicated for North Americans.

    I’m a current customer and I’m looking to have a few more websites. Yet, it is painful to pay extra $10fr each website I would like to open, especially taking into consideration that I will not use all the web space and all the bandwidth.

    So, following the question of this thread I have a more questions:

    1. Does your service has the same features and could be used in the same way as DiscountAsp, just at lower rate for a smaller bandwidth?

    2. As I understand, in opposite to DiscountAsp there is no extra fee for SQL in your packages. Is it Correct?

    3. Is your domain pointing system the same as DiscountAsp sub domain pointing system? I mean there is no separate root folder foe each domain (no separate website) within one account and if I would like to have completely separate website I need to get new account for $5?

    4. If I have 2 accounts (2 separate websites),can website #2 pages access SQL of the website #1? – (it would be easier for me to manage one SQL for all websites and DiscountAsp allows it)

    5. With DiscountAsp I can schedule 2 task (execute aspx code) with one account. Can it be done with your service?
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    Ok Hank, if that's your real name? It pretty funny that you the "Anonymous" company is asking to know who I am. It's the other way around, I'm sorry to say. As the prospective customer, I'm asking who you are. Everything about your company is secret but your public site that accepts orders. Everything else about your company is either secret or a copy of Discountasp. Forgive me for asking you to clarify who you really are before I start to use your service.
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    curtis Winhost Staff

    Like we stated before in a previous thread, we colo with Host Collective, Inc - in the same datacenter as discountasp. Discountasp's parent company is Host Collective, Inc. That is how we are related. We don't colo in China. The servers are in California. If you don't think that is ture and don't trust us, then don't host with us.

    If its painful for you, then why don't you host elsewhere? There are many other hosts out there - Winhost included.

    We don't have the same features as discountasp. You can take a look at both our sites and compare for yourself.

    That is correct. SQL is included in our hosting plans.

    We point subdomains and domain pointers to the root. The customer can control the desitination of their subdomains and domain pointers with their code. For example, they can redirect subdomains and domain pointers to subdirectories if they want to. You can host multiple web sites using this method but they will share the same resources of an account. I think this is the same way discountasp and crystaltech does it.

    If you want to have a completely separate site. That is, each in their own isolated application pool, each with full email service, each with separate logs and stats, then you can add additional Basic or Max sites from the control panel.

    Should be able to.

    No, we do not have a scheduled task tool right now.
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  7. curtis

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    Yo Dawg. Seriously, if you don't trust us, then don't host with us. Simple as that.

    If you actually do some research you will see that there are many differences in our hosting with discountasp, including we programmed our own control panel. We use discountasp's parent company Host Collective, inc as consultants and they let us use a lot of discountasp's knowledge base articles. That helped us launch quicker since we didn't have to reinvent the wheel. We've also been writing our own kb articles too.
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    I’m sorry, I did not mean to insult you by asking about DiscountAsp. Since there is no information on the website then I think my questions are logical and I do not think I deserved such arrogant tone. I would put in your about section that you located in California with Host Collective, Inc I would not even ask this question.
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    curtis Winhost Staff

    We are not insulted. As you probably know, discountasp is a great hosting company with a great reputation in the industry. That is why we contacted host collective to begin with. So if you or any others think that Winhost is anything like discountasp, then that can only be a great thing for our own reputation.
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  10. The original question was regarding the simultaneous outage of your Ordering Form and your "Control panel" with Discountasp's. If you "colo" your servers there, the problem with their own database server would not effect you. That would be pretty bad wouldn't it?

    12/2 - "Discountasp - We will be taking down the Control Panel, order form, etc. to perform maintenance on the database server."

    12/2 - "Winhost - Control Panel and the order form will be down for approximately 30 minutes for maintenance on the database server.

    Your explanation makes no sense, I think you need a few more meetings with your consultants before you post.
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    This discussion is a waste of time

    My advice s just put some info at your “about” section and you will avoid wasting time on unnecessary discussions. At the end, the name of the company and phone number will be visible on the credit card statement. So, there is no point do not disclose it. Even if you are 1-man company and do not have an office (like 99% of your customers) it cost only $10 per month to rent a mailing address and $10 per month to rent 1-800 number that will email recorded voice messages to your email box (no phone support needed). Just put an invitation on your 1-800 number that tells that you do not provide phone support and ask to send an email to your address. It will save you plenty of time, it will cut unnecessary discussion and it will add credibility. We have it for our services and we do not have such questions at all.
  12. Anyone who thinks this is a one person operation must really know some geniuses, because I don't know any one person who could do everything we've done. Or any two or three people.

    It took months to get everything ready for the Winhost launch, and we've been working on improvements every day since. The proof of who we are and what we do is in the service. That service speaks for itself, and of course, you can take it or leave it.

    If you are nervous about two companies working together closely, then by all means, find a host that you're comfortable with. We'll still be here when you get fed up with them and need to move again in a few months. ;)
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    So what if two company's engineers decide to work on an server update at similar times because their servers are in the same datacenter. I'm happy our team can work with some smart and experienced people. Did the service come back up after the update? I don't see any issues or complaints about anything after the update.
  14. Note to the Winhost Staff. . .
    Each of you have responded in a very friendly, even smile worthy, manner.
    Thanks for being so honest and keeping it "fun" at the same time. ;-)
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    Yes, thank you for keeping so fun, secretive and dishonest. How do you explain Discountasp being the admin contact on your domain name? It seems you are sharing more than just a data center, kb articles, consultants, marketing text, banner ads and web site text to name just a few.
  16. Really, who cares?

    Seriously, if they are DiscountASP using a different name, and not wanting to show any forward relation with them so as to not dilute the DiscountASP brand (and this statement in no way implies that this is what I think this) what is the down side of it?

    You would be getting all the advantages of DiscountASP at a fraction of the cost.

    Really, not to many downsides.
  17. Hey guys...
    When you order a Pizza do you ask how the crust was made?
    Think about it, most Developers spend a lot on Pizza and are happy with it as is. :)
    P.S. The Pizza analogy works very well if you think about it. Just saying...
  18. Now I'm hungry!

    But what do you know about any host for that matter? Only what they want you to know. The same goes for the host that "guest" works for. ;)

    There are interrelationships all over this industry that no one talks about. We have openly talked about ours here, so continuing to insinuate that there is some secret just makes you look a little bit sad. :(

    And again, the bottom line is: if it freaks you out and makes you so horribly uneasy that you just can't sleep at night, host somewhere else. Really, we won't mind. You're always welcome to come back.

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