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  1. Hello,
    I have two identical aspx pages - one working one not (on Winhost, both work on my development IIS server).

    They differ only in one input file they read. The working one reads a 700KB Excel file with ~20000 cells, the non-working one a 3.2MB Excel file with ~100000 cells.

    I get "Connection reset by peer" on the non-working one. Are there configurable CPU and mem limits on Winhost? I doubt either would be exceeding them but it must be a resource issue since the two pages are otherwise identical.

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  2. There are some limits on all hosting accounts which will cause your application pool to reset:

    - 20 mins of inactivity (probably not causing this problem)
    - 70% of CPU over a sustained period of time
    - 100mb (for Basic Plan) or 200mb (Max and Ultimate) of memory, depending on your hosting account

    Considering this however, I'd recommend checking out the Failed Request Tracing [] as it would basically log the exact reason why it's messing up.
  3. Thanks Vinnie, I looked at that article, and stopped when it asked to launch "inetmgr". I don't see how to do that from the Winhost site admin console.

    I upgraded to Winhost Max but still the second page fails. Both work fine on my laptop IIS installation with the big one consuming only 40% CPU.

    I guess if I cannot figure this out in a day or two I will try another hosting provider.
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  4. Ray


    How are you calling the excel spread sheet? Do you have a some codes you can show us? What happens if the excel spreadsheet it less then 3.2 MB?
  5. I'm using a third-party library, SpreadsheetGear, which can open workbooks:
    // Open the workbook.
    String filename = Server.MapPath("files/simpleloancalc.xls");
    SpreadsheetGear.IWorkbook workbook = SpreadsheetGear.Factory.GetWorkbook(filename);
    I had to progressively reduce the workbook size from 100000 cells down to 20000 before Winhost would display the page.
    On my laptop, loading the big file uses about 40% of a 2Ghz CPU, and aspnet_wp.exe reports to use about 30Mb of memory. I wouldn't think this would be problematic.
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  6. Ray


    Do you have a URL we can look at and see the error message?
  7. Sent you a PM with the URL. tkx

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