Chrome's pending distrust of RapidSSL certs starting in Oct 2018

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  1. I'm seeing warnings in Chrome developer tools when viewing my site over SSL relating to the fact that Chrome is planning to remove trust from some RapidSSL certificates starting in Oct 2018. Since WinHost purchased the certificate on my behalf, is there a course for getting a certificate re-issued that won't be flagged as distrusted by Chrome this year?
  2. Hi David, we're publishing a blog post today about that. I'll link here when it's up.

    Short version: if you renew your SSL cert every year, you won't have any problems. The cert will be renewed by the "new" Symantec, which Chrome (and other browsers) will trust.

    If you've purchased a multi-year SSL certificate, there are some things that may have to be done. The article will have all the dates and instructions.
  3. Thanks, just finished. Took about 20 mins all-up. I had to click on the SSL tab and then click 'Resend Certificate' to get to the page that had the admin email I used to buy the certificate from Rapid SSL originally. I had forgotten that part, which is needed to move further. Hope that info helps.
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