Can I open remote web site by using visual studio 2010?

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    I am looking for an ASP.NET hosting as a student account environment. I can open the remote web by using visual studio 2010.It allows me to edit my code on host side. The solution explorer can display the folder. I can
    copy, delete the file by using visual studio 2010. I can edit the web.config file etc.
  2. Yes.
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    Connecting Via Visual Studio

    I tried looking through the Knowledge Base but could not find the answer. When I am in Visual Studio 2010, I go to File>Open Web Site, select "Remote Site" and enter my site's url. I get an error message saying the web server does not have FrontPage Server Extensions installed. Do I need to enable the extensions somehow, or is there a specific URL I should be connecting to? I tried the different URL's found through the Winhost control panel with no luck.
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    Never mind, I see on the forum that it is not supported. I can connect via ftp.
  5. Actually, you can deploy a Visual Studio 2010 Web Site Project using FTP by enabling the directory as a web application root using the Application Starting Point tool.

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