Can Anyone Recommend A Good Host For An ASP MVC Web App?

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  1. I've made an ASP MVC web app for my wife's business and want to host it online for her to use.

    I need the host to provide a server to deploy the web app, as well as a SQL Server 2012 database instance. Ideally it'd be good if there was a way to automate backups of the database as losing that detail would cause loss of earnings.

    Is Azure a good candidate for this? I'd say this has quite a small footprint - the Azure pricing calculator doesn't inspire me with confidence that I won't incur hidden costs etc.
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    You found this forum for a reason. We can host your MVC web app here at
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    Humm... we offer a SiteBackup Tool that you can use to auto backup your site files and MS SQL database as well as MySQL database. Nightly or weekly. The choice is yours. More about that service can be found here:

    We can also help you set it up. Just contact our support department.
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  4. thankyou!!
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