Can anyone guide me on how to speed up my website?

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  1. Hi,

    I have tried the following things to speed up my personal website but to no avail.

    Enable Compression
    Enable Browser Caching
    Remove unnecessary animation and video
    Minify JavaScript and CSS Files
    Reduce image sizes
    Choose a good hosting provider
    I have already installed the caching plugin
    I have disabled Inactive Plugins

    Even after everything I mentioned above, I'm still facing issues. I don't know whether I should change my web hosting provider or are there any other changes I must complete in order to speed up my website. A friend recommended to change my web hosting provider, so I researched and found the following hosting providers as reliable ones. Web hosting ecommerce Provider

    Also, how can I be sure that changing the hosting provider will resolve my concern or is there anything else I must do because changing the hosting provider seems to be time-consuming.

    If you've used or are using their services, kindly share your experiences in the comments below.
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    Enable Compression - You can enable compression within IIS Manager. Once connected you can click on Compression icon and enable it.

    Enable Browser Caching -
    You can also use IIS Manager to edit the caching setting.

    Remove unnecessary animation and video - Just remove the video files from your site if you don't use them.

    Minify JavaScript and CSS Files - Personally I use Cloudflare to take care of all of the Minifying of files. You can do it all in one shot just be enabling the feature and it's free.

    Reduce image sizes - You can use a Wordpress plugin to reduce your images all in one shot.

    I have disabled Inactive Plugins - How many plugins do you have total and currently active?
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