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  1. Hi, I'm trying to decide if I should purchase the Bootstrap Starter Kit I very much like the concept of a drag and drop editor to create Bootstrap code snippets, but that editor requires a server hosting PHP. As an ASP MVC developer, I don't want to fool around with installing PHP on my development computer.

    Can you provide a little guidance as to what would be required to run this app on Winhost? I looked at the Knowledge Base but didn't get much joy. The Winhost home page indicates that PHP is supported. If getting a PHP app running on Winhost is very complicated, I won't buy the package. OTOH, if it's just a standard install with all the PHP server stuff already in place, then I will buy the package.

    All advice appreciated!
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  2. Dave, there's nothing in Bootstrap itself that you'd have any problems with here. I can't comment on that particular tool, but taking a quick look at the site I don't see anything there that would suggest that it wouldn't work fine here.

    The php installation on the servers here is a pretty standard Windows php environment.

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