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Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by thorben, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. I installed a fresh copy of BlogEngine.Net 1.5 on my site.

    I placed it in a subfolder and set this folder as an application. It works all fine except for the first load. I always get a Error 404 but if I reload immediately, the application loads without problem.

    This is the error message I receive:

    Has anyone seen this or knows what I might have set up improperly? I saw in the forum that some other folks are running BlogEngine.Net successfully.
  2. Ray


    The error is misleading cause the application is trying to throw a custom error page that it cannot find. That's were the 404 is coming from.


    This URL means that the application is throwing the error but rather then showing the true error message it is trying to display a custom error page. The custom error page cannot be found.

    Rather than throwing the custom error page I suggest you disable custom error to 'False' so that we can see the true error message. Once we see the true error message, we can decide on what the next step will be.
  3. I commented out the the customErrors part in the web.config and now it looks like a memory dump that is shown on first load. again the second load in fine.

    I should add that the domain that the blog is hosted under is a domain pointer and I have it redirected using some classic asp (.asp) file to the blog directory from your instructions in the knowledgebase.


    I'm puzzeld with this error. Should I try to set it up from the root domain first and see if I get the same error?
  4. Ray


    Did you manually check the file that is uploaded to the server? From what I've seen the file itself (maybe default.aspx) was coded on a computer with a none base english language and uploaded to a server that is set to only read English base such as "ANSI" or "Unicode" or "UTF-8". The general gest is that the server where you uploaded the file to is going through the text and it cannot read it and that is probably why you are getting these characters displayed on the browser.
  5. Yes, I uploaded and checked the file myself. I dont think it's a encoding problem.

    I have gone ahead and nuked the BlogEngine.NET install in the subfolder and removed the redirect stuff and put a fresh copy of BlogEngine.NET in the root.

    I disabled customErrors.

    I am still getting the same gibberish on the first page load. All subsequent page loads are fine.

    When I request a non-existing file such as test.aspx, I do get the normal 404 - file not found - error message.

    Should I open a support ticket for this?
  6. I think I might have found the problem and it has to do with '.NET Trust Levels'.

    I am testing it locally and post back if I figure out the solution.
  7. aright. problem solved.

    I was missing the correct '.NET Trust Level'. It was set to Medium and as it seems BlogEngine.NET require Hight.

    Once I switched it, no more failed first loads. It might have had something to do with how the blogroll is loaded because before the blogroll was always empty. Now all blogs are displayed including links to external blog posts.
  8. Ray


    That's great to hear.

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