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  1. anyone used RAD - ASPRUNNER by XLINESOFT to design an application? More importantly, has anyone uploaded a designed application using ASPRUNNER? IF so, can you help me with a connection issue? already posted the problem under databases but XLINESOFT says it is Winhost's problem Winhost says its a coding problem..

    Any help is appreciated!!!!!

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    What task your application is trying to do and what is the exact error message your are getting? When XLINESOFT said the problem is on Winhost, did they provide the proof and details?
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  3. Thanks for getting back to me.

    The error code is on a statement in ASP to open connection.

    We used the string provided by Winhost and it was verified by tech as being correct both Winhost and XLINE state the error is in the connection to the database yet both verified the statement as correct. catch 22

    here is the url

    the same result displays http 500 ...

    when you run that link, an HTTP 500 error comes up (set browser to display friendly errors to see message). By all indications it look like a connection cannot be made to the MSSQL server.

    In the connection string

    strConnection = "Provider=SQLNCLI10;Data;Initial Catalog=DB_53899_webshopdb;User ID=DB_53899_webshopdb_user;Password=XXXXXXXX;Integrated Security=False;"

    We also tried Provider=SQLOLEDB and ended with the same result.

    This is why I aske d if someone else is using XLINESOFT

    Someone on the forum suggested removing the tcp: this morning, I have not tried that yet.

    Personally I think it is connecting. As a test, I ran an ASP program dbconection.asp and it returns a blank white page, No erroer. That I believe is telling me a connection has been made.

    Is it possible SQLNCLI10 is not installed as a Provider. Doesn;t make sense anyway because I tried SQLOLEDB as well and I would assume that is definitely installed.

    Any help is appreciated. I am not an ASP coded, I know enough to be dangerous. Not sure how else I can test this.

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    Did you resolve your problem? I didn't get any error messages when I visited your web pages.

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