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  1. I have just published my Asp.Net core 2.0 MVC web app to my domain. I am deploying via FTP, as recommended by winhost support team. The deployment and app is working fine.
    However, I cannot get the "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT" variable set to "Staging". I have created a new debug "profile" using the properties of my project in VS2017 and set it to "Staging".
    I just published my app and added a variable to the footer of my site to display the "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT" and its showing as blank.
    I have tried setting this value in the web.config but that leads to a configuration error and the app wont even open.
    I would love any help, if anyone else has figured out this issue?
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    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    I haven't really played around with it, but does this blog help?
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  3. Thanks! Yes, I read that article before I deployed.

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