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    Not a bad site, and from my end it is fairly fast. I'm not a fan of long domain names though. Maybe a domain name of for maybe better. You can always setup a domain pointer and if is open register it and use it as a domain pointer. It will display the same website, and it will allow you to keep your email domain name to
    Now, base off the site, I suspect you are planning to sell items. If you are going to do that, you'll need to consider getting a SSL certificate for your site so the transaction will be secure. You may want to make your login page go under https to make people feel more safer.
  3. The site is a bit generic, but shopping site design is supposed to be unobtrusive, so that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    I have to disagree with Ray about the domain name. 22 characters is not too long, and I think using an acronym like would be a mistake. Acronyms are good for large companies, but a descriptive domain name is better for what you're doing.

    That's kind of a moot point anyway, since four letter .com's are difficult to come by and expensive when you can get one.
  4. it seems as if the site needs some colour on the left column at least, even text with a different colour just to add some sort of style to it.

    also change the link home page to just home, because home page just seems a bit odd atleast to me it does :)

    maybe add a rollover colour for the navigation links, really just add tiny visual features just to make it a bit nicer, but other than that everything is perfect usability is great and the layout is very simple and to the point which as hank said is needed for a shopping site.

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