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  1. Would love an API so we could create a db backup to app_data without having to login to the control panel.

    It would also be helpful to have an API to restore a database although this would be a lower priority.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but an API is not a trivial thing to implement. I only know of one other host that has an API for working with databases and they are a lot more expensive than Winhost.

    It would be cool though, so I wouldn't say "never." It's just not something that is on the immediate horizon.
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  3. I would also like to see the ability to have scheduled backups. I see two ways, either of which would be viable to most users.

    1. Like the original post, implement an API call that we as developers could make to handle backup/restore functionality.
    2. Create a page in the admin website that allows account owners to schedule automated backups, preferably with the options such as frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), directory or file name (to avoid overwriting previous backups, although you appending a date/time stamp to the file name automatically would prevent this).

    There are several hosting providers that allow for the 2nd option. Honestly I was surprised to see that you didn't allow this with everything else that you do. It is a HUGE pain in the butt to have to manually perform a database backup EVERY single day, especially if there are multiple sites being hosted with you requiring this to happen.

    I urge you to STRONGLY consider implementing either of these options to make life easier.

    Thank you!
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    curtis Winhost Staff

    We'll take your suggestion but we can't say if we will be introducing something like this or not. This type of thing can mean a large investment in infrastructure when thousands or even tens of thousands of customers are making backups daily and keeping multiple copies. Are these are features you are willing to pay extra for?
  5. Scheduled Database Backup

    I vote for a scheduled backup of databases. Even a very simple schedule backup that overwrote an existing file would work for most, as we could then automate an FTP transfer to make a copy. You would then not have any issue with space as you would only have a single file that is always overwritten. I'm surprised Winhost does not have this. MOST hosts actually do.
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  6. No one say's that customer has to have unlimited database backups, but is nice to have scheduled backups...hmm something like 10 each mssql and mysql.
    And the backup script should be a calendar saying something "backup my db each:" each(day of week,month or day of the month) and the 11'th update should overwrite the first one,and keep a log for all instances of this.
  7. Yes, absolutely!

    In fact, in a perfect world (from my POV) premium services could be added "a al carte" to customize the solution to the specific needs for the sites we develop.

    I can appreciate how complex that is from an R&D and management standpoint but it would be very nice from a customer POV.
  8. I would pay extra for this as well.

    I don't need anything complicated. If a daily backup were place in the App_Data folder overwriting the last version I would be happy. I'm fine with that counting against my space and bandwidth settings and I can automate the transfer off the site.

    I just seems wrong that I am forced to ensure the last file is deleted via ftp, open a browser, login, and click a button to get a backup file that I can access.
  9. Hi, I'm pretty sure there's something that can be done : backup that overwrite itself on the FTP, backup that overwrite every 2 days automatically (so 2 backup are kept).

    Anyway, you are already supposed to "reserve/have" the disk space available depending on the package user are paying for. If the user don't have the space to do the backup, it just doesn't take a backup.

    I'm a client with you since 1 year and bought 3 plan (2 ultimate and 1 basic)so far and that's the only thing missing for a perfect hosting company !!!!!
  10. Let's revisit this.
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    A control panel backup API is not a high priority project for us at this time since we offer an automated backup solution for websites and databases with our SiteBackup service - please check it out at http://www.winhost.com/security/site-backup.aspx - the SiteBackup solution also backs up files off-site and comes with a separate portal to manage your backups.
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