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  1. I recently set up an account with an existing domain name. I would like to add a second existing domain name. Two questions: Must the additional name be a pointer to the main domain?? How do I do it??
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    We have domain pointer services to point additional domain names to your site.


    1. This Domain Pointer Service will point additional domain name(s) to the root of your primary hosted domain.
    2. Domain pointers DO NOT come with any email accounts, however email aliases for domain pointers are available. Please refer to this KB article.
    3. We DO NOT point additional domains to subdirectories. To point domain pointers to subdirectories you will need to setup a redirect script. Review this KB article for an example on how to code a redirect.
    4. This IS NOT a Domain Registration System. Registering a domain name that is open to the public is a separate charge. To register a domain name there will be a $10 charge billed to the credit card recorded on your account. Refer to this KB article for specific details on our Domain Name Registration policy.
    5. Customer is responsible for registering any available Domain Name(s) submitted. If the domain name is registered with another Registrar, it will be up to the owner of that domain name to contact there authorized Registrar and have them update the name servers to...

    To enable the domain pointer service click on the Sites tab in your hosting control panel. Click on the Manage link of that specific site. Inside the Site Info Manager click on the Domain Pointer button and input the domain name you are adding as a domain pointer. You will have the option to enable Email Alias at this page.
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  3. Dear Team i need guide step by step thanks
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    Go to the Site Manager of the Site you want to add the domain pointer. Then click on the Domain Pointer Tool. Use the Add button to add a domain pointer.
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    Sol, do you have the link to your thread?
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