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  1. I have given a lot of thought regarding using an Access Data Base vs a SQL Server table. My reaction is, even though SQL Server is much faster, and gives me lots of advantages, so does Access. With an Access Database I can ftp it back to my local machines - and do something with it...look at tables - inspect things -- stuff....

    So, my question is - I have decided on Access (did you guess that) - and now I want to make a client program that resides on my local system - that opens the Access data base located in my root directory of my Winhost account.

    StrConn="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & Server.MapPath("/usar.mdb") & ";"

    This is the connection string I use to open the MDB file. Is there something I can use from my local system (DSN) something that will allow access through to the Winhost system>???

    Thanks for your help.

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  2. Ray


    I'm afraid not. That is the limitation of MS Access. Remember that Access was never designed to be a server side database. If Access was in your local network then you can share your Access just like sharing a folder then anyone in that network can access it. Through the Internet it's a little different. Especially with a shared hosting environment. We cannot give you direct remote access to our network and our Active Directory. That will definitely open us and all the accounts we host to security problems.

    With SQL it's alot safer, becuase SQL was intended for remoting hosting. So you can download a copy of SQL Server Management Studio Express (which is free from Microsoft) and directly connect to the SQL server as if you are on the same network. You can implement changes to the tables, create views, and input new data to the table as if the database is residing on your computer.

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