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  1. Ok, I cheat a bit :D I go to www.verio.com and type in a domain to see if it is available. "Congratulations!" it says, "your chosen domain is available!" so I then go to control panel in Winhost and buy it :D .... it costs $9.95 at Verio and $10 at Winhost but for that extra 5 cents Winhost take the money straight from your card (so you don't have to input all your card details) and here's the kicker, its almost instant! type in www.mynewdomain.com and bam! up comes your site.

    Nothing about waiting 24hours for your new site to percolate throughout the internet and I'm in England!

    See my other post in here on how to host multiple sites.

    I'll have to slow down now, I've been buying too many domain names :)

    I really hope Winhost make some money from domain names, they deserve it.

    i'll tell you one of my new domain names ... jetfever.com

  2. Well, we appreciate that!

    But currently, FYI, we do not really profit from domain name sales. We offer them as a convenience for our users.
  3. Ah well, but thanks for that convenience it's really cool.
  4. It's our pleasure and privilege.
  5. You know, now that I've bought my domain names :D you might sell them for $15, put a link to them on the front page with an option to search for free names and point out the advantages of purchasing from Winhost (the rapid response time being a biggy) and that profits go to maintaining the good service etc.

    By the way, how do we continue to own the domains after the year is up, is there a mechanism for this?


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  6. Ray


    Assuming you are referring to domain names you purchased from Winhost, before the domain name expires you will get an email (90 days before expiration date) informing you that the domain name is about to expire. Simply log into your Winhost control panel and under Domain Manager manually renew your domain name. It will charge the credit card on file with our system so you may want to make sure that the credit card on file is active and has the proper funds for the charge. Remember our system does not renew the domain name it is the account holder who will have to renew the domain name.
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  7. Ah, ok thanks for clearing that up Ray.

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