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  1. Found a solution on the web of the following:

    You can increase that limit open IIS Manager and navigate the tree to your application. Double click the "ASP" icon in the main panel. Expand the "Limits" category. Modify the "Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit" to a larger value.

    I found that setting in my personal computer's copy of IIS and my local version of the webpage now works without error on large textarea submissions, but could not find a corresponding option in the Winhosted site.

    Also up for other suggestions concerning solutions to this if anyone else is familiar with the problem, was considering writing some javascript to split up the box into multiple form entries, but from my understanding of the error it wouldn't be fixed by doing so since the total data size would stay the same.

    Thanks much ahead of time for any help,
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    Hi Anthony,

    Please open up a support ticket and provide us with the error you're receiving.
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