Filezilla upload to server loses timestamp

Discussion in 'FTP' started by paddleon, Feb 11, 2024.

  1. Downloading from the Winhost server maintains the timestamps. Uploading, every file is reset to the upload time.

    In the past all files were uploaded from a visual studio build so this was not an issue. I now have one site where some files are edited onsite and downloaded as the new "master" visual studio file. Not being able to preserve timestamps is proving to be an issue.

    Filezilla is configured to retain the modified date if possible.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Richards

    Richards Winhost Staff

    I may not be clear which timestamp you're referring to, but if you meant on upload when overwriting a file, and besides some form of documentation, then renaming a file would not change the last modified date. Though then you may have a number of errant files to clean up after some period of time. Or moving files to some version control folder before uploading an updated file.

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