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  1. Typically, Zen Cart is installed in a directory with a Physical path such as: E:/web/httpdocs/zencart/ or in no folder: E:/web/httpdocs/

    At Winhost, httpdocs is not used. Rather the root directory is your username.

    mine is: sxxxxxco So when configuring Zen Cart, the Physical path should be:

    E:/web/sxxxxxco/ (with the trailing slash included). I have installed Zencart in the root folder, not in a subdirectory such as /zencart/.

    It appears that it is also necessary to ADD index.php to IIS Default Document list.

    If file permissions are set to 777, Zen Cart should start from your browser.


    I get only a white screen. This is typical of Zen cart if there is a syntax error somewhere in the code or if any files did not upload correctly using FTP. Check for any 0 length files.

    I have done this and tried a dozen other physical path settings.

    If at the browser address I enter www.domain.com/admin, I am correctly directed to the Zen Cart admin login. (admin must be changed to a different name or Zen Cart will not open).

    PHPmyAdmin is also installed in the path to root folder. It works properly.

    I cannot figure out why index.php is not being read. There must be a simple explanation but I have not found it.

    Are there any other Zen Cart users at Winhost?
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  2. Ray


    Try uploading your ZenCart application to a subfolder. It looks like ZenCart is calling on some file and the path it maybe using forces it to go out of its root and not able to return back in.

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