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  1. If i embed Youtube videos in my site, do they count to my bandwidth? In other words, do they takeup bandwidth resources of shared hosting and accounted for my quota?
  2. Ray


    If the youtube is a link where it opens another browser and navigates directly to youtube then no it will not count against your bandwidth. However, if it is embeded in your site then yes it will since you are streaming it through our web server.
  3. Hmm, I'm going to have to disagree with you here, Ray.

    Embedding a video from a service such as YouTube does not use your site bandwidth. Well, of course it uses a minor amount in communication with YouTube. But the video itself is still hosted at - and served from - YouTube, not from your site.
  4. Ray


    Hmmm, yeah I can see that. I guess that is why it is so popular to post youtube links on facebook. If facebook was the one being charged for the bandwidth I'm sure they would have put a stop to that a long time ago.
  5. Thanks, Hank! That would help me designing my website.
  6. No problem. Good luck!

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