You are a bunch of thieves

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    I am not even sure they really provide hosting. I think they just get a credit card number and steal. Are you really even a host or is it just a front for credit card fraud?
  2. I think they stink. Try getting a refund when they provide no service.
  3. I think they stink. Try getting a refund when they provide no service.
  4. Win Host are thieves

    I think they stink. Try getting a refund when they provide no service.
  5. Dont bother coming back, terrable service and billing is just there to overbill take your money
  6. The only efficient department at Win Host is Billing - Thieves

    The only efficient department at Win Host is Billing
  7. Please tell me your horror stories about Win Host and billing. I will repost them on multiple boards
  8. I hope that people seeing these posts will listen to me and not use you as a host. I can not believe you can not provide the service I expect from a host then you refuse to give me back my money. Unbelievable.
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    spamming forums. great job.
  10. Hmm... my website hosted here says otherwise. I think they provide a great service-to-price ratio.
  11. I remember my first beer...
  12. The only thing Winhost will swipe is multiple customers from sorry hosts. I would guess 'guest' works at one of those hosts.
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  13. Guest had an issue, I suppose. Hard to say, since (s)he never mentioned any problem.
  14. I have a feeling it is just the logged out version of "Trying to get refu".
  15. It was.

    I just don't get the whole tantrum thing, I guess. All he had to do was say what the problem was and we would have tried to take care of it. Instead he preferred to piss all over everything, jump up and down and yell, "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!" So I don't have much sympathy for him.
  16. Well it is true that you're billing department works and, for me so far, nothing else.

    I signed up with a domain I own, but my previous host won't change where it points. So, I bought a new name from you but you can't just replace the old one with a new one?

    There's no 30-day money back garantee?

    I can't cancel the one and start a new one without being out $49.50, as first suggested by my response from marketing.

    The next solution given me was to put a redirect script in my root folder to point the domain to a different folder. Ok. This might work, but the article I read about this talks about redirecting sub-domains, and it sounds like the domain in the user's browser's address box will display where it really is pointing rather than the domain name that I just bought from you.

    The hosting package that I just bought from you was suppose to include hosting unlimited domain names. But, now it appears that what you meant was I can point unlimited domain names to my one folder, then redirect them.

    I work a full-time job doing web development in .net, and most of the rest of my time is spent with my pregnant wife, but I do on occasion get a chance to do some development on my own. I was hoping to be able to start doing some for cheap. But, I can't get started, and so far the reponses I've gotten have been uninformative at best.

    How much time should I expect to spend getting just an initial page up? And, how much more money will it cost?

    I can understand the previous poster's frustration.

    I can't even ftp in because that still points to my old host, so I guess I'm really stuck.
  17. Ray


    If you're just looking to change your domain name yes it is true you will have to cancel the site and open a new one with the correct domain name, but email our billing and let them know what you are trying to do. They should be able to credit you for the new account you open because of the domain name change issue.
  18. yep, just looking to change my domain name.

    Thanks for your prompt and curtious reply.

    Do you by chance have the email address for your billing department, so that I can contact them, and find out if they WILL be able to credit me for my new account because of the domain name issue?
  19. Ray


    Log into your Winhost control panel and on the Support button open a ticket. You should see a drop down for the email address to our billing department.
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