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  1. I'd like to use the YAF software on my site. However, before I get too invested in this project, I'd like to confirm that it can run OK on Winhost. A quick glance at the install readme shows some instructions for IIS setup. For my current site, I didn't do any custom IIS configuration. I notice on the control panel that there is an "IIS Manager" but I've never used it. The install instructions also mention some other machine specific things like "Make sure the files in the /bin directory of the YAF zip file are copied to /bin directory on the root of your web server".

    Is anyone running YAF on Winhost and (if so) are there any tips for installing on Winhost? Thanks
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  2. curtis

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    Yes, YAF will work on the Wnhost platform. You can bin deploy what you need to for YAF.
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  3. Thanks Curtis, I'm going to test the software on my local machine before I try the Winhost install. I'll post again with either success or problems. Good to know YAF works OK on Winhost - Thanks again.
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  4. The MVC Forum seems a good fit for my needs. It's deployed with Web Matrix and I did read the Winhost instructions for deploying via Web Matrix.

    Has MVC Forum been deployed on Winhost and does it work OK here? Plus, any installation tips? Thanks.
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  5. So far, YAF installed fairly easily but there are too many small bugs that are above my pay grade to deal with. Going to try something else.
  6. ComputerMan

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    Yes, it should work but you need to make sure when you're deploying your MVC application you also bin deploy your dependency.
  7. Hi Computer Man,

    I decided to go with MVC Forum and its now running on Winhost. I used my own procedure for deployment and kept notes on the procedure. If anyone else is interested they can let me know. I also posted my notes on the MVC Forum forum in case someone over there is looking for a shared hosting site where we know MVC Forum works fine (a little plug for Winhost).

    Although the software performs well once it is up and running on the Winhost server, the startup time is fairly slow if it hasn't been accessed for awhile. What I have running now is just a test prototype to make sure I could count on having forum software that met my needs. However, if you'd like to look at this very early version - this is it: http://www.bikex.net/forum
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  8. The application pool is probably hitting the 20 minute inactivity timeout limit. That inactivity timeout is in place to keep server resource levels in check. Once you start getting some action on the forum that shouldn't be an issue.

    Not a bad looking bit of forum software.

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