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  1. hi,
    my website is working normally and accessed using as example koko.com but in case www.koko.com it is not working, i checked the dns setting and the koko.com configured to the website ip and the www.koko.com also, since www.koko.com displays the default page when no website yet while koko.com alone is accessing my website
    through iis i removed the page name default.aspx to the top of default pages but still and i tried to remove www.koko.com from dns and added it to cname but not working also and i renamed the default page found when first time accessing the site folder
    i hope any one can help
  2. Ray


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  3. $ whois koko.com


    But maybe you were just using koko.com as an example...
  4. Okay, I see your domain is pointed to us (and registered through us).

    I get your site with or without www, so I suspect it's just browser or DNS caching on your end. Try entering the www version in your browser and doing a hard reload (hold down the shift key and click the browser's reload button), or do a dns flush on your computer:

    Start > Run > cmd
    type: ipconfig /flushdns
    Hit Enter.
  5. thank you

    the problem solved, thank you for your help:)
  6. Glad it's working for you.

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