Writing log files from code, using SMTP

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  1. Hi Chaps,

    I would like to append data to log files from my code, in this post frankc says it is possible to write file to your own webspace>
    I did a little test and the c# Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() method gave a permissions error so I set the trust level to Full in my web.config file and then it works but the path it returns looks a bit 'system ish'
    I would normally check to see the path of the running assembly and presume that to be the root of my webspace.

    I don't want to start stomping files all over your nice system so I haven't even tried to write a file yet.
    What would be your preferred method of us coders writing and appending to log files in our webspace?
    Would you have a simple example in C# ?

    I currently send an email from my code using a gmail SMTP account but in this post Ray says SMTP is disabled and only allowed through your own SMTP server>
    Does this mean that my way of sending emails might suddenly stop working?

    I want to make sure I'm playing by the rules and don't get any unwelcome surprises.

    Best Regards

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  2. Ok, in the control panel I found the Path To Root so I should be able to use this.

    Another simple question is that when I go into the site manager I see the icon for Stats but when I click on it all I see is that SmarterStats are enabled, I don't actually see any stats.

    It's me I know it is but what am I doing wrong here?

    Is it possible to be notified by email upon replies to forum posts?

  3. Ok, figured out the logs, you have to point a web browser to http://stats01.Winhost.com
    and login with your ftp login.

    Silly thing for me to miss really as it does say Stats URL Location: http://stats01.Winhost.com in the control panel when you click on the Stats icon but just to let you know how thick your users can be I didn't figure this out before I'd downloaded the massive SmarterStats application from smartertools.com so it might be an idea to put a 'You view your stats by pointing a web browser to this site' bit of text somewhere :)

    Still once you know, you know.

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  4. Glad you got the issue sorted out.

    Yes. When you start the thread there is an option somewhere in all the junk under the text entry box:
    Thread Subscription
    Notification Type:​
    You can set that to email you when there is a response.

    You can also make that the default behavior in your cp under:
    Settings & Options
    Edit Options​
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