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  1. Whenever i try to perform a wordpress - theme or plugin update - it always fails - the problem is it cannot delete the old theme in the theme directory.

    I find I have to use a ftp program to remove the directory.

    Can you tell me what is causing this problem and how to correct.

    see oswguild.org

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    There could be different reasons why this is happen. The web application is running and interfering with update. Do you get a error message? If so can you provide us with the error message?

    Can you try recycling your web application pool to see if that might help.

    To recycle your application pool. Log in to the control panel.

    Click on the sites tab at the top. Or simply click here: https://cp.Winhost.com/sites/

    Click on "Manage" next to the site you wish to manage.

    Then click on the box "Recycle App. Pool" on the next page.

    Click "Recycle App Pool".

    Then try to do the update. If it doesn't work please provide us with the error message you get on your end.
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  3. I have the same problem when deleting a plugin.

    Plugin could not be deleted due to an error: Could not fully remove the plugin(s) w3-total-cache/w3-total-cache.php.

    I have to use a ftp to remove the folder

    I also 2 other sites similar to this one and I get the same error on all three.

    I do not have a common theme - infact on this one www.frogshollow.com I have nothing special.
  4. OK guys, I need a solution to this problem - it is getting urgent.
  5. I have this problem too, and it happened recently

    I have been struggling with this problem for at least a couple of weeks now. SOMETHING changed on Winhost, because I had not had this problem until only recently. I get this on attempts to "Upgrade automatically" on plugins in Wordpress Dashboard:

    Downloading update from http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/akismet.2.5.6.zip…

    Unpacking the update…

    Installing the latest version…

    Deactivating the plugin…

    Removing the old version of the plugin…

    Could not create directory. E:/web/myaccount/myWPdir/wp-content/plugins/akismet/

    Plugin update failed.

    Seems like something happened to the permissions for the account that Wordpress uses to achieve this. It seems to happen after the "Removing the old version of the plugin…" step.....what I end up with is a temp directory in my wordpress /wp-content directory called "upgrade", and under it there is a pluginName.tmp directory with the file archive for the new version of the plugin. I also have the old directory in my plugins dir that the system won't let me write anything to or do anything with. When I click it to see if there is anything in it, I get an error saying there's no such directory or something is wrong with permissions. I have to go to Control Panel and "Recycle App Pool" to get the directory to go away, where I can then copy the upgrade contents into /plugins.

    This was all working fine, as I said, until just recently. Something HAS definitely changed.
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  6. addendum to previous note

    the ftp error I mentioned aboveuse ftp to copy the archive into the wp-content/plugins directory re: when I try to is as follows:

    "An FTP error occurred. Cannot get remote folder information. Access denied. There could be a permissions problem".

    That's when I have to go to Control Panel and "Recycle App Pool" and refresh the file directory in FTP before the "orphan" directory goes away and I can copy things into that vacated spot again.
  7. What I did next

    I did use the 'recycle app' and nothing changed. So I put a call ticket in and they basically said - it was due to the version of PHP - I am not so sure about this and am looking into this further, I have other sites that us the same version of PHP and this does not happen. So if anybody else has some thoughts on this - please kick them in.
  8. Any solution?

    Someone has a solution for this issue? I'm having the same problem
  9. Sorry, but Winhost does NOT have a solution, They have closed the request. I have not found a simple workaround - it would be interesting to know how others deal with this.
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  10. ComputerMan

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    We had another person that was having the same issue. They were able to resolve it by following the blog post here: http://www.geeksvilla.com/download-failed-destination-directory-for-file-streaming-does-not-exist/

    The code line stated in the blog post above is talking about this: define('WP_TEMP_DIR', ABSPATH . 'wp-content/');

    This code doesn't exist in the wp-config.php file. So you will need manually add this code line in the file: wp-config.php

    Hope this helps any one else who is having the same problem.

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