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Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by Debbie, May 26, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    is there anyway I can add SEO to each page in WordPress so one for Home page, About page, Contact page etc.
    I have been trying out plugins but none of them seem to offer that capability. Thanks.
  2. Did you look at WordPress SEO by Yoast? It does everything you can possibly do for WordPress, and it has individual options for each page and post.
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  3. Hi Michael, I just installed that. It seems to work fine for the most park but when I click the Meta and Title tags. It gives me options to add a description and titles to Posts, Pages and Media. It breaks it down into sections so if I had an about me page, or contact page, any page like that, it will use the same title and description. I wanted to be able to add a title and description for each page I work on. Can I do that in WP? Thanks.
  4. Open the individual page or post in /wp-admin and scroll down. The SEO options for that specific page or post are under the main page or post content.
  5. Hello! I don't have WordPress downloaded. I just login domain.com/wp-admin and work from there.
  6. That's what I meant by "Open the individual page or post in /wp-admin" - open it on your site, when you're logged in to WordPress.

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