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Discussion in 'Email' started by Gogo, Jul 27, 2014.

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    I have a WordPress installation with Contact Form 7 running.
    It worked flawlessly until some days ago!!!
    So something changed on the server... but I did not change anything.

    My website is: http://batteryscore.com

    Now Contact Form 7 is not able to send any more mails.
    I'm always getting "Failed to send" errors.

    I've tried to solve it by installing a plugin: WP-Mail-SMTP
    But I'm not able to figure out the correct settings.

    I need:

    SMTP Host
    SMTP Port

    I tried the settings that are working in my email program but I'm always getting error messages.

    The following From address failed: xxx@batteryscore.com : MAIL FROM command failed,MAI, BAD Command does not exist or is not implemented

    Can please someone fix this?
  2. Did you uninstall Contact Form 7 when you installed WP-Mail-SMTP?

    The same settings you use in your email program will work in WP-Mail-SMTP. The port is 25.
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  3. Gogo

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    WP-Mail-SMTP does not replace Contact Form 7. It replaces the PHP mail() function to send emails and send it via SMTP.
    It's working right now with WP-Mail-SMTP but Winhost changed something on the server, so that PHP mail() is not working anymore.
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  4. mail() shouldn't have ever worked. You can't send mail from a Winhost web server without authentication, and the php mail() function doesn't support authentication.

    If your form plugin was sending mail with authentication previously it may have been using pear mail libraries, and something could have changed there. If your contact form plugin supports authentication you might want to check those settings.

    We changed email password policy a couple of months ago. We sent out a notice about that on May 22nd. Those changes don't affect existing email accounts though, so that shouldn't have affected an existing set up.
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