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  1. I haveset up a Wordpress site and all has gone well except that the email is not working such as emailing a new member a confirmation email . I am not a programmer as I am sure most of you all are. I do however know what I can do and shouldn't do. I submitted a support ticket and below is what I received back in reference to email not working in wordpress. Does anyone know that inserting the below into wp-config.php will raise the email trust level to full. I am guessing that is what support is saying that wordpress is needing for the email to work. Thanks

    Changing the default ASP.NET Trust Level

    The default ASP.NET Trust level is set to Medium.

    In general, most applications should run fine under Medium Trust. If your application requires Full Trust, you can override the trust level at the application level by adding the following to your web.config file:

    <trust level="Full" />
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  3. Thanks Hank
    That Wordpress plugin that you recommended worked great so it is all working fine now.
  4. Cool, glad you got it worked out.

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