Wordpress, Akismet plugin upgrade, orphaned file lock(s)

Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by emachine74, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. A permission problem is being produced via Wordpress whenever I attempt to upgrade the Akismet plugin. This happens on multiple Wordpress installations in different folders and seems to have been going on since I upgraded to Wordpress 3.0+ (I think).

    When an update to the Akismet plugin becomes available, attempting to update the plugin always fails:

    The plugin is unable to remove itself once deactivated. After this failure, the Akismet plugin remains deactivated by Wordpress, which AFAIK means it needs to be reinstalled.

    Attempts to re-install Akismet now also fail:

    If I try to delete the Akismet plugin folder via FTP,

    The only remedy to this problem seems to be recycling the app pool. After that, I can install the latest version of the plugin anew and it works fine.

    Assuming I'd rather not go through this process of recycling the app pool, manually removing the akismet plugin folder and reinstalling the plugin de novo every time there's an upgrade, is there a solution to this problem? Or a reason why it's happening even?

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