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  1. Ok, so I bought a new domain with Winhost thinking it would be easier to associate with my hosting package and do what I need, but now it seems I can do even less. Can anyone please help me with the following issues?

    1. How do I associate the new domain with my Winhost site?
    2. How do I associate the subdomains based on the new domain with my Winhost site?
    3. How can I create email names for the new domain, as I easily do with any other registrar?

    Thank you!
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  2. Ray


    When you register a new domain name with us it will not automatically point to an existing site. You still need to set it up as a domain pointer to an existing Site Account. If you need subdomain with the domain pointer, you will set it up as a domain pointer. As an example you have a site account with You registered a domain name and you want to point to You need go into the Site Manager of and setup as a domain pointer to In addition to that you want to also point to Because we do not have a subdomain manager for domain pointers, you will also setup as a domain pointer to Unfortunately domain pointers do not have an actual email account with us, they merely have a domain pointer email alias. Have looked at these kb articles for information on domain pointers and domain pointer email alias?
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  3. Thanks for your reply. I already know how to handle pointers and aliases, I did the same for domains registered elsewhere and pointed to Winhost. What I really don't understand is why I don't get REAL email accounts (not aliases) for domain names registered through Winhost, as I do with any other registrar and which I REALLY need. I thought buying a new domain through the same service as my host will make things easier. But if the pointing method is the same, I could have purchased it where I usually do (a really cheap local registrar) and gotten the same value and more - up to 10 email boxes. I also don't understand why I need to point a newly created subdomain as if it was an external domain name. After setting it up, I find it under the list of Domains hosted at Winhost but registered elsewhere (elsewhere?), although it's registered with Winhost, and when I enter the DNS manager I see strange things such as, which of course doesn't exist since is a subdomain I created based on a Winhost-registered domain name! I just don't understand the logic, and this is not my first work with host services, not by far. Thank you anyway.
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  4. Ray


    First off we cannot give you an official POP account for domain pointers because it will require space and resource on the email server. Everything has a cost factor in it and we try to make it as low as possible so we can pass on the savings to you. Some hosting companies host all there servers under one box, meaning the web server, SQL server, and email server are running under one computer. We separated our servers (computers) so that the web server, SQL server, and email servers are on 3 different hardwares. We did this to give our customers a more reliable, stable, and secured servers.

    As for adding subdomains of domain pointers in the Domain Pointer manager, it has to be done this way so the system will create the "Host Header Name" on the IIS 7 server. By default all accounts come with a static/shared IP address. If you were to install SSL certificate on your account, you will get a static/unique IP address, then you can go to the Domain Manager and simply create the A record for it. But with a shared hosting environment with static/shared IP address simply creating an A record will not be enough, you will need to create the "Host Header Name" to make it resolve to the proper root correctly. As for the "" on the A record, yeah you are right it is kind of funny and weird but we created the system that way. Why you ask, because almost everybody thinks that is a the true domain name. Well in actuality it is not. A Fully Qualified Domain Name is only but everybody is so used to seeing that they freak out and get confused when do don't see it. So our system makes a zone record regardless if it is a Fully Qualified Domain Name or a Subdomain name it automatically also creates the "www". This does not affect the domain name or the subdomain name, it only helps eliminate confusion for those out there who cannot let go of the fact that "" is technically not a Fully Qualified Domain Name but a subdomain name. You are free to delete "" from your A record. It does not break the server one bit.

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