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  1. I have some questions before considering purchase of a Windows hosting plan:

    We have a rather large social media application. Its built on ASP.Net 4.5 framework with MS SQL 2008R2 on the back end. The database is already approaching 1G in size and its not even in production yet. I noticed in your Winhost Ultimate plan, you offer several versions of MS SQL (5G limit) and my assumption is that these are the "Express" additions. Is it possible to run a fully licensed version of MS SQL 2008R2 and is there any way around the 5G size limit of the plan? Here are some other requirement we would need:
    1) Dedicated IP
    2) Ability to work on our server via Remote Desktop--its been my experience that the control panel tools offered (like the ones on Godaddy) don't offer the flexibility to get the job done, like installing additional ASP.Net components necessary for the application or fine tuning permissions and setting in IIS. Furthermore, our application is being developed by a third party in India, which means I'm going to need to get on the server quickly and frequently, to fix bugs as they occur.
  2. Hi Will. Our SQL servers are Web Edition, which is equivalent to what used to be called "standard."

    But SQL servers aside, what you need is a dedicated server or a VPS.

    If you find a shared host that offers you remote desktop with sufficient permissions to install components on the server, I'd strongly advise you to run away from them as fast as you can.

    Because if you can install anything on the server, so can the other 500 - 1000 people you are sharing it with, and as you might expect, that kind of scenario is nothing but a ticking time bomb.
  3. Thank you for your quick response. Do you offer Virtual Private Hosting or Dedicated server? If so, give me some numbers--price, disk size limit, etc.
    We originally had a Virtual Private Hosting plan on Godaddy. We paid extra to have MS SQL Server 2008--when I logged in to the server via remote desktop, I realized "Express" was what they gave us--ridiculous, I could have downloaded it for free myself.
  4. I'm afraid we don't.
  5. Ok, then was is the most disk space we could have for the SQL back end on shared hosting? I see that you allow connection to db with SQL Server Management Studio, which is a huge plus, can't do that with most hosting. Does your control panel have good tools for working with sites, application pools, etc in IIS? These are the things that are important to me.
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    You can check out our hosting plans' specifications here. The most disk space you can have at this time is 5 GB with the Ultimate plan. And our Control Panel does offer tools for working with sites, application pools, etc. in IIS. You can try out the demo. You can also access your site using IIS7 Manager. Not all features have been delegated or are supported (e.g. starting/stopping your site), but you can open up a support ticket about it.
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