What's the best way to install WordPress?

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  1. Or what is the "recommended" way to install WordPress at Winhost? Thanks.
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  2. Well, if you can wait until next week we may have an automated installation for you. Can't really say any more at the moment.

    Other than that, check out this thread.
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  3. 5....4....3....2.... :)
  4. FredC

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    you can now install WP in the application installer in the control panel.
  5. Wordpress Newest Version?

    I'm a first timer doing this, so I appreciate any help. I need to install wordpress, but the version Winhost has in it's Apps section is not the newest version, which my theme requires. Should I use the Winhost version, and is there a way to update that?


    P.S. I like your Schumacher avatar!
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  6. Once you install WordPress it will prompt you to update to the latest version as soon as you log in to the admin control panel. You can upgrade WordPress with a few clicks, then install the theme.

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