What is the turnaround time on new setup?

Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Guest, Dec 23, 2010.

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    I submitted the signup form, and it's been a couple of hours. There's nothing in spam traps, etc. I've asked via support@Winhost.com and nothing yet.

    Also, sent an email to billing@Winhost.com that was bounced by your email servers.
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  2. Ray


    Whats you domain name I'll check our records?
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  4. Ray


    Did you get the welcome letter from us? You should have received two. One is for the control panel and the other is for your FTP user name.

    Also I checked the whois record for cicoria.com and you are not pointing to our name servers. You are pointing to the DNS servers of web host for life.

    Domain servers in listed order:

    You will need to contact your registrar which is GoDaddy and have them update the name servers to...

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    No, I received no emails. There is nothing in spam filters.

    Also, not sure why I'd move my NS settings until I have a provisioned environment on your hosts. So, not moving DNS/NS settings until I have it all configured @Winhost.

    Can you have those welcome emails resent to my alternate email? That was one of the questions. I'm assuming that the MX for cicoria.com is now on your environment. That would explain why it's not there.
  6. Ray


    I checked with our support staff and you already have a ticket with them and they are responding to you. I suggest you focus with them and reply to their ticket responses to you.
  7. If you have a bounce message from an email to billing@ I'd like to see it to see what the problem was. The address is valid, sending to it creates a ticket in our helpdesk.
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  8. Ray


    We have a 24 hour response time but often times we respond to every inquiry within less then 30 minutes. This does not mean we do not have 24/7 coverage. We have a continues system administrator on standby and we all get paged if any network and/or server disruptions occur with our services.
  9. For site set up? Instant.

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