What is the e-mail server configurations?

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  1. What is the e-mail server configurations that i need to send e-mails from Winhost mail server.

    I know the Host but what about the port that we use to send e-mails using SMTP?

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  2. port 587 works for me
  3. Thanks alot

    It works for me. It is the 587 port.

    Thanks alot...
  4. If you use localhost you shouldn't have to specify a port...
  5. Ray


    The email servers we offer for our customers web application is the same email server they would use to send out through there email client such as Outlook. That will be 'mail.[you domain name].com'.
    Because you will be using our email server it will require that you also pass smtp authentication. You may want to review this kb article as a guideline for your codes.


    Our smtp servers will use the standard smtp ports 25 or 587. By default most web applications will use port 25 so you shouldn't need to specify it, but it is always good coding practice to do so.
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  6. I have tested my application on port 25 and it does not send e-mails

    when i try to use port 587 it sends e-mails.

    Thanks alot...
  7. Ray


    Where is the application residing at the time you performed the test? If it is on your home computer, it could be that your ISP is blocking port 25. This is becoming more common. Since ISP's are trying to help deter the proliferation of spam, more and more ISP's are blocking this port and forcing their customers to use their smtp server.

    Port 25 should be open on our network. If you upload the application on our server this should not be a problem.

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